Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Paulie...

My nephew Paulie (one of our Bitties) is turning 10.

I love my Paulie... because he is awesome.
He looks a lot like my son Michael, and that of course makes him all the more handsome... LOL
Paulie is just like me and my kids...
 Nerdy, Geeky, into Video games, Comics, and the whole wonderful world of Nerdvana... 
(in our house all this is celebrated, and not at all to be ashamed of, 
As I am the official leader of the NerdHerd... LOL)

So for my Paulie, I take him out for the day.
Lunch, his choice. He chose Red Robin.
And to the greatest place in the mall... The Lego store... 
where he could pick out any Lego set he wanted... 
He picked out a a huge set : #9449 Ultra Sonic Raider
He was so happy...
And of course I  couldn't resist my Paulie, so he got a Skylander... a bee one.

For his Birthday card I made him an Adventure Time card (from the Show)
Since there are no digital images, I downloaded screen savers and I fussy cut them and made him a card.

 To make my card I used:
Adventure Time Screen Saver Images
Green card stock
Paper from Recollections
Foam Tape
Action Wobble
Happy Days Stamp from Cardz TV

Here is my card:

For the front of the card I layered the image twice. First I placed the image and then I fussy cut the same images out and placed foam tape to pop them up.

For  the center image (Adventure Time) I place it on an Action Wobble... because every Birthday is better with an Action Wobble... LOL

Side view of front of the card shows the images on foam tape.

Top inside of card I added an image of the Ice King and his penguin Gunther... they are hilarious..

Inside of the card I matted it with white card stock and fussy cut out sayings from LSP (lumpy space princess) then I cut fussy cut LSP.

Full view of the inside of the card.

This card was awesome. He liked it... actually we all liked it... and all from screen savers my daughter Justice found me.

This card was entered into:

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  1. This is such a fun card! How creative to use screen savers to get the images you wanted. Great idea to let them pop out too!