Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Woo Hoo! My Walmart Haul...

I am usually not one to go for hauls, although I see many people get really good stuff when they do. 

Where I live, the Walmart does not, or at least not on scrapbook items, mark down for clearance. Usually they mark it down a few cents, but on items that have been picked clean, or opened.

 My Walmart doesn't have a big selection on scrapbook or crafting supplies. It has gotten better the last year, but really other than cardstock and stickers, there is not too much selection.

This Halloween, they actually dedicated an end of an isle for Halloween embellishment. I was so excited, but at $5 to $10 a pack, I was not going to buy every one they sold.

Today I went to Walmart for my weekly household run, and I thought let me check out the clearance isle.
All the prices were still marked as regular price, but I took everything I wanted and figured I would find a scanner and see if they had been marked down.
To my surprise they had. I guess they didn't bother to change the sticker on the rack. Lucky me.

Here is my haul. They didn't have much left but I took everything that I wanted.

I paid ;
.80 cents for each Jolee's
.87 cents for each K & Company
.40 for Glitter chipboard letters
.24 cents for the kids stickers
.33 cents for the other embellishments.

Although I did not get them all for .25 cents each (I have been told other Walmarts sell them for that price)
I did  save money in the long run. I will put these away for next year.

For less than $15 I bought enough to restock my half full Halloween sticker drawer.
So, I this will become my holiday tradition.


  1. I love sales!!

  2. You did good! Great stash for next year!!

  3. First ..Yvonne thank you for joining my blog as a follower and enjoy your visits from time to time
    Autumn hues are my favourite colours so love the previous harvest card.
    I see in your stash of bought goodies some HERO stickers and as I have lots of grandsons am always looking for those images too
    Not sure about those eyes though LOL
    Still it will be interesting to see what you create from all of purchase.
    hugs Shirley-Anne