Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mini Purse Album

When you have kids, pets, or people you love, chances are you also have photos of them you want to show and share with people.

People use to carry brag books, or mini albums in their bags, but now the world has gone digital, and with it came the huge storage of photos on your digital devices.

Usually people keep these photos on their cell phones, but if you ever have shown some one a photo on your cell phone, you know once you pull up the photo, their hand reaches out to take your phone to get a better look.

For me, this is where I have a problem. Handing over my cell phone, is not my ideal. 
So many things can go wrong at that moment, not to mention if they decide to pass it around to share your photo with others or gasp...  hand it to a child.

My phone has suffered countless drops, accidental deletes and many other horrors at the hands of those looking at my digital photos.

So it got me to think. What if I make a mini purse album, and hang it from my purse? I can share photos of my kids and favorite moments of our life, with out having to teach some one how to use my phone, or putting it at risk of drop.

It came out perfect and it held enough photos to fit each of my kids and I didn't mind when some one asked to see it.

To make I used:
12 x 12 sheet of paper cut into 4" squares
2 pieces of card stock cut into 2" squares
6" strip of ribbon
Cell phone charm strap
Mini photos
Mod Podge-  glitter
Stationary Ring

My Cover

Hanging on the cell phone charm strap

Page one

Page two

Page three

Back Cover... we love Disneyland. 
We always take these sticker photos at Autotopia and they were the perfect size for this project.

Side view on my purse. 

I used a ring to clip it on my zipper as it is easier to remove to show.

This project was fun, It didn't take very long, and used very little supplies.
 You can add as many pages as you like or need. 
The only down side is you can't embellish it as it impedes the closure of it, but you can embellish the cover and back cover.
It is a great way to use sticker photos, mini photos, and favorite photos. 
It's a fantastic idea for backpacks, kids, and emergency/earthquake kits. 
I pack one for each emergency kit, so in case of emergency, my kids have photos of the ones they love.

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