Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Inhaler Holder

Every year I make my kids ID holders, since their school like many schools require them to wear it around their necks like cow bells.
 To make this bearable and stylish, I make a trip out of it to our local fabric store and I let them pick whatever fabric no matter the price. After all, it takes less than a half of yard to make the ID/cell phone holder and the inhaler holder. 
I also know, that when my kids pick the fabric themselves, they can spot it faster, and take better care of it. It's personalized, it's original and tailored just for them.

 For my daughter I not only make her an ID holder, but I add a zippered pocket that holds her cell phone .

This year, she was allowed to carry her inhaler, and of course with all the school paper work, we get to sign a lovely form stating that she will not allow another child to use or take her inhaler. 
Well, I know teenagers, and they don't always keep their hands to themselves and my worse fear was that another teenager would take and try and use it... That she would lose it... or that she would have an attack and it would be in one of the many pockets hidden in her messenger bag and she would not get to it in time.

So I decided that if I can make her an ID/cell phone holder, why can't I make an Inhaler holder.

 I knew that if it matched her ID/cell phone holder she wouldn't mind it hanging from her ID holder. By hanging from her ID holder it would be in perfect reach for when she needed it.

Not only did it come out cute, because she picked a beautiful pink Kimono fabric, but it actually made it through the entire year, and not once did she lose it, or did it get in the wrong hands.

Here is the side view. I did not have a pattern, so I basically winged it. It fit perfect and it had enough space to slide it in and out to change without it falling out.

Here is the front view. I made my pattern with wax paper.

Here it is in action.  Not bad for my first try.
 Next year it will be better.

This was one of my favorite ideas. So much that i made a few more for her to clip to all her bags and purses, so that she never has to worry that she will be with out one. 

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