Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hello Kitty Waterfall Albums

 Birthdays can bring many memories and many photos. 
If you are like me, you can end up with 100+ for each birthday.  Sounds like a reasonable amount, till I factor in I have 3 kids and their birthdays are back to back and during the months  of big holidays.

For my daughter's birthday I took so many photos that I ended up with a huge album just for her birthday.
One of the things that i struggled with, was how do I fit all the photos of the opening of the gifts on to one or two pages???  I knew that was an impossible task.

 In my family we document the gifts as well as the party.  It's a tradition and a way we can look back and remember what we liked, the style of the times and who we were at that time. 

My problem was I had 19 photos of my daughter opening gifts. I wanted not only to document who gave her what, and the photo of her opening it, but i didn't want to take up several pages for it.  My solution a waterfall album on the page.  I ended up making two of them.

Problem solved. Woo Hoo!

The red and smaller Hello Kitty waterfall album, was made for the who, what, when and where of my daughter at this age. Each page  has a question  about her on a coupon. I then gave them to her and she answered them in her own handwriting (which I love). When she was done, i put them in the waterfall album and added it to her now, huge Hello Kitty birthday book.

  The large pink Hello Kitty waterfall album, was made for all the photos of the opening of the gifts. In this album I place a photo of  my daughter opening each gift and then I had her tell me about who gave it to her. I then place a small photo of the friend who gave it to her. For me having the story of who gave it to her, and how it made her feel, is the true gift. 

Here are a few photos from her Hello Kitty birthday book.
 She loves Hello Kitty, Anime and Cosplay. So we combined them all.

This pocket holds a few of the decorations we made. 

Each tag described the party schedule and activities. 

On these tags my daughter and I both answered questions about her. 

A total of 7 tags. 

 Mini Hello Kitty waterfall in birthday book.

 My daughter's answers in her handwriting... I love it.

 Big Hello Kitty waterfall album for the gifts.

Here is one of the pages in the Hello Kitty waterfall album for gifts.

In the end I ended up with 32  wonderful pages in her birthday book. The mini waterfall albums were a perfect way to fit many photos in a small space and to keep them grouped together. I think this will be a keeper on the birthday books.


  1. Very nice album. Great idea using the waterfall to fit more pictures in.

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