Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hello Kitty Doll Comforters

When my daughter was 5, we were shopping at Ikea, and we bought her this adorable doll bed and comforter set. 
She still has it and she is 17. 
She has taken great care of the doll bed,  and the doll bunk bed my dad made her and the doll comforters on them. 
After 12 years the comforters were looking old, so I decided to match her doll beds to her bed set, because her entire room is Anime, Hello Kitty and Pink.
I made Hello Kitty doll comforters for both her doll bed and her doll bunkbed, to match the pillows I made for her bed.
To make it, I just used the Ikea doll comforter.
I folded it in  half - length wise and used wax paper to create a pattern.
It was so simple and only took an afternoon.

Here are the comforters:
Hello Kitty comforter for doll bed.

This is the original Ikea comforter that I used as my pattern.

On the doll bed and bunkbed:

 Hello Kitty Easter Comforter

Hello Kitty Christmas Comforter

Hello Kitty Valentine Comforter

When my daughter was 5, she told my dad her babies could not fit on just one doll bed, so my dad being a carpenter he made her a doll bunk bed.

The Ikea doll bed.

This was my first attempt at making doll comforters.
After I saw how easy and cute they were, I made one for every bittie in our family, and they love them.

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