Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Brown Bag Mini Album

For Mother's Day I wanted to make my mom something she could not buy.
She loves, and I mean LOVES purple and butterflies.
She also loves photo albums.

She is a busy woman, and although she has a room dedicated to her hobbies, she rarely gets to scrapbook, or craft.
So I decided the best gift is to make her a brown bag mini album.

I filled it with photos of my kids, her, me, and old photos of her parents, and grandparents.
She loved it.

To make this album I used:
Tim Holtz butterfly paper
Glitter paper in Purple and White
Sakura pens, in black, white, and purple
Ink in black and purple
Ribbons, in every kind of purple I could find
metal letters
Butterfly stickers from Tim Holtz
Glitter from Martha Stewart
Stickles in black
Recollections paper, every purple pattern and sheet I owned
Cricut Cartridges A Child's Year and  Spring Holiday Cards
Cardstock in White, Purple, Black, and Tan
Purple flowers from Walmart
Metal flower brads

Here is my Happy Mother's Day Brown Bag Mini Album:

The cover. I used Tim Holtz paper and I fussy cut the butterfly, using gel pens, glitter and ink to make it as purple as possible.. 
My goal was to make it as purple as possible... LOL

These are the pages about my son Michael.

On Michael's page he hand wrote a note to his Cranny... what he likes about her.
My kids call my mother, their Grandmother, Cranny... because when she get's mad, she is a Crabby Granny... So it stuck... now she is Cranny...

Tags in the pocket...

Back of tags.

These are the pages about my daughter Justice. 
Here she drew butterflies.

This tag is of me and my 3 at the LA County Fair.

Here is the note Justice wrote to her Cranny.

These are the pages about my son Daniel.

Here is the note Daniel wrote to his Cranny.

On the remaining pages I added old photos... Here is one of my mom and her siblings, minus her sister Grace who passed away when I was little.

On this page I added a photo of my mom, my brother and I.

This photo is ancient... LOL... It's of my Grandma Julie (her mom), my brother Guy and my self.
On the other page I wrote my mom a note about what I like about her.

On the last page I cut a tea cup and attached it so that it became a gift card holder.

Tags.... Me and my 3 at the LA County Fair... and My parents and their kids, minus my brother Guy, but the little ones are my 3 when they were bitties.

More tags... My baby Daniel's 1st birthday, with his sister Justice and my Michael with his Mickey.
Second tag, these are my 3 when they were bitties, a 4th of July photo.

More tags... Celebrating on of my 3's birthday at Red Robin... that is our birthday central, according to my sister's bitties and now it's a tradition... 
Second tag is my daughter Justice and her fur baby Fifi Maru... she loves that cat to no end...

More Tags... The black and white photo is of her parents.
Second tag... one of our trips with my mom to Monterey Bay, and our annual trip to Disneyland.
I take my 3 and my mom every year.

More tags... My littlest leprechaun... my baby Daniel.
Second tag... my mom... very young... The dress she is wearing... was one that all the girls were force to wear and photo graphed in... another tradition...

More tags... my mom in Japan town, in San Francisco... on of our trips.
Second tag... my Grandpa Tony and his mother, my mother's father and grandmother.

More tags... My mom learning to grind corn into dough...
Second tag... when my dad became my dad... our first family photo... I was 7.
Third tag... On our Knott's Trip... My mom is a therapist... so this totally fit... LOL

More tags... My Grandpa Tony (her father) was a medic in the war... and a POW in Korea...
Second tag... photo of me... since I don't like to take photos, and I limit the amount I give or allow family to take of me... She always says she doesn't have a photo of me, so I gave  her a nice one... LOL
Third tag... On our annual trip to Monterey Bay... Enjoying the bay... She loves the water, and beach...

So this is my album... very purple and full of butterflies... just like her. 
She loved it. It was my first time making this kind of album, and it turned out very nice.
It took a month to make. I went through every piece of purple cardstock, glittered cardstock and purple ribbon I owned. It was worth it in the end to see how happy she was with it.

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