Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Father's Day Flip Album

For Father's Day I made my Dad a flip album.
My Dad is not the kind of Dad who likes stuff.
 What he does like is effort, Oh, and he likes lotto tickets.
This year I wanted to make him a flip book. So this is what I came up with.

I used:
Tan Textured Card stock
Red and tan paper
On The Boardwalk Collection by Graphic 45
Red ribbon
Salvage Stickers by Tim Holtz
Red Metal Letters ( I bought about 5 years ago)
Yellow mini brads for tags

 Cover of flip book. My kids and I signed our names on the cover. 
I used Tim Holtz   Salvage Letter stickers and ruler.

My Dad is a carpenter so the ruler was perfect.
 I used foam tape to raise the ruler and letters.

When you flip open the left panel you see the first photo taken of when he became my Dad.
On the right panel is a photo of my 3 little Leprechauns when they were very young.
(I don't share photos of my kids or family without permission)

Right panel  and center panel both photos of my 3.

Justice, my daughter's panels.
I filled the flip album with photos of my kids at all ages.
Each child has their own section.
To separate the sections I used photos with all three of my kids.

My son Daniel's  panels.

My son Daniel's  panels.

The last two center panels I made to hold tags/ book marks.

The final center panel is for my son Michael, since he is my father's first Grand son.

Michael and Papa Panels. 

Michael and Mom panels.

The Gift Box I made for the Flip Album:

2 sheets of 12 x 12 On The Board Walk cardstock from Graphic 45

 This is the gift box I made out of the same Graphic 45 cardstock.

 When I made the box, the ends met perfectly, which was a problem.
I decided to trim 1/2" of the top section so the bottom stripes would show. 

 Side view of box.
 I loved the colors, the images and the details of the cardstock.
 It made the project so easy to create.

 Wrapping up the album in yellow tissue paper.
Just a pop or color.

 Next came the lotto tickets.
 I just filled the machine with money and let each kid take turns picking. 
The cute part is this is their favorite gift to give to Papa.

 Nice and clean. My dad does not like to fuss with too many ties or tape.

 Top on.

A simple tag in tan cardstock with the same red ribbon for a bow, and I am done.

I usually gift albums every couple of years, but never to my Dad. He never struck me as the kind to look at them. Then one day I noticed he was relaxing in his Lazy Boy and he had an album and he was showing the Bitties, telling them all bout us as a family before they were born. I realized then, that he does look at them. 
Since most of the albums my mom has are not in any particular order, it does take effort to look through them. My Dad, like most dads do not like the idea of having to search through things, with this album he won't have to.

This book was so much fun. My dad likes to look at photos. When we give him photos they usually end up in his dresser. By putting them in a Flip Album, he is able to keep them all in one place. 

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