Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Photo Paper Clips

One day i was walking through Michael's and I came across a package of paperclips with round flat circles on the tops in the clearance isle.
 I bought them and they sat in my supply box for a year.

 Then one day i was creating  my daughter's birthday book and I was  trimming photos down and I noticed in the background I had taken photos of the photos on my walls.
In essence, I had by a happy accident created miniatures of my daughters artwork, and of photos of my kids. 
Now, I punched them out of the cropped photo scraps.
I ended up with at least 20 images, you would be surprised what you end up with in the background of your photos.

I put them in a bag and I knew i would find the perfect project for them.
Then a week or so later, i remembered I had the paperclips with the round edges in my box of odds and ends.
The project fell into place so easily and in my stockpile I had clear round epoxy circles which fit the round space on the paper clips.

I must say, these are one of my favorite treasures because they have miniatures of my daughter's artwork and photos of my kids.
 I don't use them to hold papers, instead they are just on my desk keeping me company.
It's a great and simple project that can be used for jewelry, hairpins, rings, and anything else you can stick a miniature in.

All it takes, is photos taken a few feet away and the camera does the rest. 
It's worth a try.
For me, this has become one of my favorite activities, after all it's a way to have your favorite photos or images with out taking up too much space.


Paper clips with circles, or any flat surface
circle punch same size of surface
mini glue dots
photos of artwork, or photographs 
epoxy circles

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