Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bitties Go Back To School Cards

Back to school is always an exciting time when you are very young, and this year my youngest niece is starting kindergarten. We are very excited for her. This year I sent a box full of school supplies to the Bitties and I put a card for each one inside. 

These cards are A2, just random colors I had in my stock pile of cut cards. I used one sheet of 12x12  paper from the ATD foil card stock for my mats on the cover, it doesn't have a name but it has cupcakes on the front of the paper pad. It does have a website on the back of the paper pad , but i found it at Tuesday Mornings.
After I made the envelopes, I had scraps and I used them to make the  raised mats for the stickers. I made the cards and my daughter placed the stickers on each card. 

On the inside i placed mats on both sides and I made a pocket so i can put treats or stickers inside. I used the Happy Days stamps from  and the stickers are from Walmart, in their dollar section.

This one is for my youngest niece, she will be starting kindergarten, so the crayons and glue were perfect. I cut the scrap of paper at 4" x 2 1/2" and used foam tape to raise it from the back ground.

Here is the envelope, blue with small white polka dot pattern paper. 

A closer look at the  inside of the card.

Same idea for this card. This one is for my middle niece, she is in the second grade.

Inside of 2nd grade card, same envelope at the one for my youngest niece.

This one is for my nephew. He is in the 4th grade. Perfect for him.

Inside of 4th grade card for my nephew.

These were simple and fast.
 I try to have A2 cards cut in every color of cards stock on hand. 
When i have down time i usually go through my scrap box and cut mats from my scraps, and if i have a nice paper that i think will make a great card, i cut it into mats. 
After i cut many mats, i add double sided tape to the back, making sure to leave the backing on and i rubber band it and put it in my card box (an archival box I keep all my ready to go A2 cards, and mats in). 
So basically, I have a huge supply of A2 cards and mats ready to go, for quick cards or little notes to the Bitties.
 The best part is i use up my scraps and I have very little waste.
 I usually make the envelopes as I need them, because I never know what the overall color scheme of the card will look like until I am done.

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